Someone just let an animal outta the cage we call the Bengkel. A beast by any standard and hungry for the tarmac, asphalt or any kind of chewed up back country shortcuts. This bike is built for anything you can throw at it and it’s already proved that on an off road test drive session. Take a look at what makes this machine ready for flats, mounds and motorcross grounds. Up front the stylish custom mesh headlight is strapped onto a couple of heavy duty GSXR 600 upside down shocks. These chunky beauts’ take knockout potholes like a golf cart over a divet. They’re hooked onto a Scorpio frame thats wrapped up with a custom tank with a solid  metal Deus emblem. At the back we have a rear disc break to slow this baby down on a dime, a custom rear mono shock to keep you moving smooth and a special Suzuki Bandit swing arm that just sets the gyroscopic up to a T. The whole thing sits on wide ass Yamaha CW200 rims & tyres and damn does it look ready to pounce. All in all we’re super happy with this hunk of metal and rubber. Deus ex Machina Enjoy!