LONG LIVE THE KINGS – Short film documentary – by Blitz Motorcycles

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Long Live The Kings is a film and photographic project shot exclusively on film documentary shot on super 16mm relating the hopes and desires of those who go for a motorcycle road trip.A film by Clement Beauvais and Arthur de KersausonDirected by Clement BeauvaisProduced by Arthur de KersausonWritten by Clement Beauvais and Arthur de KersausonDop Zack [...]

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"THE CARIBLANCO" is a Beach MotorcycleDesigned & Costume Fabricated by:Arnau Sanjuan & TAKCosta Rica Brand Build: Psycho Racer & Psycho Choppersmore Filmed & Edited by:Juan Diego Driver & Surfer:Moritz Müller Music by:© The Offspring© Sufjan Stevens© Shark Island Sample taken from:© Point Break:Bodhi (Patrick Swayze):"We stand for something, to those dead souls that are [...]


W1910 by Graham Kuhn

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The W1910 Basque coast: Friends, Bikes, sun setting and magic occurs... W1910's the witness through the eyes of Graham Kuhn. The essence itself of W1910 lurks here, hidden between muffer roars and those moments of grace of this day ending..Smells like motor oil, hands in grease and poetry. Walter 1910

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Petrol Food & Beer: Around the world with Austin Vince

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We had the pleasure of meeting up with motorcycle legends Austin and Gerald Vince to talk motorcycles, DIY adventures and riding the world.Links: PETROL-FOOD-BEER: Around the World with Austin Vince from Make Your Bones on Vimeo.

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Utah, gimme two wheels.

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OOOOH my god!!! I wanna be here! Put it on fullscreen, sit down, relax,  and enjoy my friend!! have a good weekend!

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Young Spirits, Belgian Classic TT 2012

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Young Spirits, Belgian Classic TT 2012 from Tim Buys on Vimeo. Gedinne, a char­ming lit­tle vil­lage at the bor­ders of a nice pad­dock. On the edge of that pas­to­ral pad­dock a beau­ti­ful road that climbs and des­cends, tur­ning left and right, and which, for­ced by the logics of ben­ding and swee­ping in all kinds of direc­tions, [...]

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UNTITLED: BESPOKE MOTORCYCLES are a non brand of Bike builders, who strip down old bikes to their basics and focus on engine rebuilds powerful enough to wake the dead!"My idea was to move away from the cliche montage of bike shots normally associated with Motorbike Brand films due to the nature of the back to basics [...]


Old Empire Motorcycles (OEM) – Overture

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Introducing Old Empire Motorcycles and the first of our Progeny builds, The Pup.Shot as a 'teaser' to our first full length video currently in production of the Pup, it shows you a little about OEM, our workplace and the process of taking a design from paper all the way to the tarmac.We hope you enjoy it [...]

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Cafe Racers Japan – Trailer

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Cafe Racers Japan is a short documentary exploring a day in the life of Tokyo’s cafe racer scene where the city is as much of the main character as the riders. Filled with interviews and imagery of the people and the city where they ride. Cafe Racers Japan gives insight to the rocker’s scene while taking the viewer on [...]

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CRD#14 BMW R 75/5 “The Challenge” by CRD Cream Motorcycles

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We finally have the final full session of the first BMW made ​​by friends of CRD, and that is certainly my favorite, I feel very proud to have participated in the design of this beauty. It was built it With The help of local BMW Specialists MaxBOXER.They created a new rear frame, a matching custom lightweight [...]

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This is Dirt Quake!

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This is Dirt Quake, Sideburn magazine's day at the races. A 'Go fast, turn left!' celebration of the can be arsed, their 'It aint what you ride, it's the way that you ride it' manifesto made manifest as inappropriate flat track & chopper speedway racing... (

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