Who is Chris Hornbecker?

When you’re a self-taught person, there’s no one standing over your shoulder telling you what you can or can’t do. The impossible becomes possible. Spurred by my curiosity to see what can happen, I take on challenges like shooting 368 people in 6 days.

Looking back, I see that my photography has evolved through a series of challenging practices, one driving the other. From skateboarding, snowboarding and dj’ing, where I learned about timing, flexibility, and trusting my instincts, to sewing where I used my design and visual skills, all have influenced one another and, ultimately, affected the way I shoot.
One day, when a friend asked me to assist him, my focus became clear: I started photo assisting fulltime. I worked hard for seven years to help other photographers look good. Then I struck out on my own.
Now I’m driven by the challenge of capturing my imagination in the frame, pulling out the honesty in every subject, bringing what I can see in my own head into a moment in real time.
Currently, he don’t have finished custom gallery website yet, but he is working on it if you want you can take a look at their personal work on his website: Chris Hornbecker Photographer
Chris thank you very much for your photos!!, stay in contact. Enjoy!