Donor is a 2008 Yamaha Scorpio 225 sporting a STD rev happy 4 valve head. A complete tear down and de-lug of the chassis. Fabrication of the sub frame and battery box was achieved.
Front and rear fenders are one bespoke. 17 inch rims are laced to stock hubs and the choice of slightly wider rubber used. The motor while stock is breathing through a K&N pod and exits via a custom single header into twin Laser reverse cone puppies. Custom alloy tank and a modified Nitro Heads seat is also used. While the chassis, swing arm, forks and other components were off for paint and powder coat, the engine and box were painted satin black. Electric and kick start is retained. A Sharapova shrieking 4 valve inner city cafe runt. You can see more pictures of the Mouse Trap and other builds on Deus Customs Webside Enjoy!