BMW R100 “RUBY RING” by Crd Cream Motorcycles

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This incredible Bmw R100/980cc, made it by the friends of Crd Cream Motorcycles have an engine upgraded by BMW specialists MaxBOXER. The 1983-model twin has been boosted from 980 to 1040cc, with lightweight high-compression pistons. They’re running a 7mm shorter stroke, but a large overbore. The heads have been ported, with new valves fitted, and a [...]

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Young Spirits, Belgian Classic TT 2012

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Young Spirits, Belgian Classic TT 2012 from Tim Buys on Vimeo. Gedinne, a char­ming lit­tle vil­lage at the bor­ders of a nice pad­dock. On the edge of that pas­to­ral pad­dock a beau­ti­ful road that climbs and des­cends, tur­ning left and right, and which, for­ced by the logics of ben­ding and swee­ping in all kinds of direc­tions, [...]

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Venier Customs /// Diabola V35 C

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Venier customs designs are created through the art direction of Stefano Venier and builds are brought into reality through the hands of master mechanic Ivan Delle Vedove and his team. All the parts like seats, paints, leavers and others come from artisanal Italian shops and companies. At the time, they only has one finished bike, but the company promises [...]

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Old Empire Motorcycles (OEM) – Overture

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Introducing Old Empire Motorcycles and the first of our Progeny builds, The Pup.Shot as a 'teaser' to our first full length video currently in production of the Pup, it shows you a little about OEM, our workplace and the process of taking a design from paper all the way to the tarmac.We hope you enjoy it [...]

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CRD#14 BMW R 75/5 “The Challenge” by CRD Cream Motorcycles

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We finally have the final full session of the first BMW made ​​by friends of CRD, and that is certainly my favorite, I feel very proud to have participated in the design of this beauty. It was built it With The help of local BMW Specialists MaxBOXER.They created a new rear frame, a matching custom lightweight [...]

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BMW R100 Tracker by Fuel Bespoke Motorcycles

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Karles Vives from Barcelona, owner of  Fuel Bespoke Motorcycles, and the man who are beside Scram Africa Race, has sent me, his new BMW project "R100 Tracker"  "After several months of hard work, I can finally present the new BMW R100 Tracker.Taking the 81 BMW R100 RS as donor bike, I have modified it taking a [...]

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Honda CB 750 KZ – CRD#11 “Black Cream”

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Here we have the new CRD creation, I have no doubt that it's my favorite one, don't you think? If you like this lighthouse, or any custom part of the motorbike, now you can buy them in their new online store, feel free to spend, they have plenty of good stuff! Enjoy!

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Scram Africa, only for nostalgic riders! by Fuel Bespoke

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Have you ever imagined  riding your bike in the middle of nowhere? Have you ever dreamed to travel kilometers through the desert to hear only the sound of your engine? Have you ever thought as it should be traveling on a motorcycle 40 years ago? Are you one of those nostalgic people? If you answered yes to all questions, you can not miss the first edition of the Africa Scram! We’ve made ​​for you .. only for nostalgic riders!NOW YOU CAN BOOK YOUR PLACE TO THE SCRAM AFRICA! Here

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RetroMoto Trailer

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Trailer for the American Tv stations show about Classic Motorcycles and the people who love them. Produced by Ed Buffman, Shel Brown, and John Lawless. Looks promissing....For more info please visit

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“Magnus” The new Chang Jiang 750 by Bandit9

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I already had mentioned Bandit 9 in another post, the builder of China showed us his new Chang Jiang 750 "Loki", you can see it here, and now we are very proud to Exclusively reveal His second build, the stunning "Magnus". Daryl Villanueva, has sent me some pics of Magnus, and a description of the new [...]

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Black Falcon by Falcon Motorcycles

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The Black Falcon is the third motorcycle in the Concept 10 series from LA-based Falcon Motorcycles. Built off the 1,000 cc V-twin engine of a 1952 Vincent Black Shadow, the Black Falcon took a year to build. Almost everything, except the engine, is handmade. When does a motorcycle become Art?  Enjoy!

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1978 Honda CM 185T by John Ryland of Classified Moto

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Once again, John Ryland of Classified Moto, we surprise with his new creation, this beautiful honda CM 185T of 1978, was built it specially for Ad agency producer Christina Cairo. Aparently she had never ridden a motorcycle before, but loved what Classified Moto were doing and wanted one for herself, like most mortals, I suppose.There are [...]

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Chang Jiang 750 built by Bandit9

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Bandit9 owner Daryl, acquired this CJ750 to use as a base for his first "guinea pig" project bike. The customised CJ750 titled "Loki" was a test of Daryl's ability to piece together a custom bike in Beijing where he now resides. Loki was torn down and rebuilt from the ground up. The bike was an ex-military model [...]

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